In 1999, one of the bands was born that forged a well-weighted space not only in the local Chilean scene, with solid steps it strengthened as a benchmark of Death Metal, South American Black metal, at the head of the renowned Paul Callahan , on the guitars and fierce shouts as vocal and front man of the band, adding something no less important, Paul at some point was part of another of the Chilean referents in the world, nothing more and nothing less than Thornafire.

“Murdering Hope” came out in an independent version in a limited edition Tape format, and later it will be released in LP/CD Press format under the underground label in USA, which I have the honor of naming “Inframundo Records”. The release is scheduled on TBA on inframundo records page.

“Murdering Hope” contains 10 songs loaded, and passionate about the darkness of the sound that is always present in the band, that sound of the late 90s classic death metal, raw and powerful in terms of strums typical of the time, that is it remains in force thanks to the compositional quality of the band, with somewhat complex structures, some songs present solos typical of the great Chilean school, I dare say they start from the Pentagram line. But Unblessed is more technical, more harmonious and complex, this album in particular is not my favorite of the band, but it is still an excellent album.

Personally, I do recommend listening to this album and being able to look at YouTube and enjoy the video clip “Irreverence Irreversible” that is the very face of the album, and it will serve as an introduction to all the theme and hidden atmosphere that it presents in each song, going back to great times where no there were masks or bands desperate to be someone, when they already were, if it makes me yearn , every time I listen to Unblessed , being an admirer of Chilean productions and that great scene that never tires of producing musical and very professional quality.

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Inframundo Records edition will be on LP 12″ and CD Digipack A5 More news about this release soon…