Voltax are a heavy metal band from Mexico forming in 2006, releasing their debut album in 2007. The bands second album was released in 2010, with their third released in 2013. ‘No Retreat… You Surrender’ is the bands fourth album and was released early in 2017.

‘El Fin’ is an atmospheric and tension building intro that leads into the barn storming ‘Broken World’. Delivered at an electrifying pace, ‘Broken World’ is a blistering opening song, full of power and screaming guitars that just thunders along. The twin guitar attack is reminiscent of the classic and traditional sound of heavy metal. ‘This Void We Ride’ slows the pace but increases the heaviness as it rockets along at a mid tempo pace. Increasing the pace, ‘Deadly Games’ blazes a trail of fire as it flies along, rampantly aggressive with the galloping rhythms a joy to behold. Head bangers flex your necks, there is gonna be some serious head banging going on here. Voltax have so many influences, and they can be heard over and over again as the album progresses. The duel guitar attack of the NWOBHM evolution blended with the European style of power metal and a little of the American thrash metal scene, sees the album storm along at a ferocious pace.

Heavily guitar driven, the thunderously heavy ‘Go With Me’ stomps along mercilessly. Voltax are a very heavy, heavy metal band that borders on the thrash metal genre, with many of their songs stepping over the border. ‘No Retreat… You Surrender’ is an album that will appeal to both genres on a global scale. ‘Starless Night’ picks up the intensity and is an in your face song that will pummel the senses. The vocal delivery on the album is one that is a little screechy, but is still clear enough to understand. The music is powerful and hard hitting, with touches that are reminiscent of such big name bands as Iron Maiden, Helloween and Megadeth.

‘Night Lasts Forever’ is a one minute instrumental that leads into ‘Explota’, a heavily influenced NWOBHM sounding song, with hints at British legends Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. ‘Explota’ is fast paced and thunderous with guitars that scream “listen to me” and the oh so famous British style galloping rhythm. ‘The Hero’ explodes into life and is a high velocity, highly energetic and rampant romp. The pace of ‘The Hero’ is breath taking and is an excitable mix of thrash and speed metal. Bringing the album to a close is the heaviest riffing song on the album, the intriguingly titled ’10 25 6 To 4′. Sounding mean and moody with a touch of menace, ’10 25 6 To 4′ is a mid tempo thunder storm, full of swaggering guitars and stomping rhythms.

Review by Iron Mathew From Metalgodstv.com




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